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Best DJ Controller for Beginners

  Are you looking for the best DJ controller for beginners? Then you should find a DJ equipment that offers you the smooth DJ performance and mixing without any complexities. As a young beginner don’t try to go with a pro level DJ controller, at the starting you have to learn about the equipments and the primary functions of the ... Read More »

Best DJ Controller for Scratching

Scratching is a DJ technique used to make distinctive sounds by playing vinyl discs on turntables. At present scratching is a very common matter for a DJ and most of the DJ controller comes with DVS or digital Vinyl system. There is also another option for scratching which is called non-vinyl scratching. Previously, scratching meant to produce new sound by ... Read More »

Best Cheap DJ Controller

It’s a very big deal to find out a best DJ controller with best performance tools when your budget is not big enough. On the other hand, the DJ controller which is best or suitable for you totally depends on your software and hardware choice and also on the other performance tools. So, first of all the choice differ from ... Read More »

Best DJ Controller Under 200

DJ controlling is not actually a new term in music arena but the modern digital DJ controller changes the complete view of DJ controlling among the young generation. Now it’s very common in any party to have a DJ system. Because the DJ controller only can give you the ultimate fun when you’re dancing. Now it seems that party means ... Read More »

Best DJ Controller 2014

Digital DJ controller is a modern trend amongst the young generation and most of the DJ look about the best DJ equipments as they always want to feel the music in a new way. In many parties and programs, it’s very common to go with a DJ and the best DJ controller certainly gives you the best excitement and fun ... Read More »

Best DJ Controller Under 300

For the beginner, best DJ controller under 300 will be a very good option to start your dream as a DJ. Someone may become astonished by hearing about the best DJ controller under 300 because all we know that it is impossible to get a best digital DJ controller with this very low cost. But i’m talking about the best ... Read More »

Best DJ Controller Under 500

DJ controller is now a very popular term to the young generation and a very useful and mandatory device for the DJ as the modern digital DJ device frees the DJ from having heavier, analog and more expensive but fragile equipments. The main advantage of the present digital DJ controller is that it’s a small device used for controlling computer ... Read More »